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Thinking of New House, and automatically the new ideas of interior decoration arise in mind!!! Well, there are many owners who are very specific about interior decoration and decorative items. Keeping in mind the same, Jainsons Lights added a wide range of stylish and modernizes products to beautify any space.

We understand that choosing the perfect decorative items for your home or office can be a daunting task. That's why our team of experts is always available to assist you in selecting the perfect linear pendant lighting as per your requirement. It is always a wonderful experience to install linear hanging lights or inverted bulbs and create a cozy atmosphere and more energizing environment around. Advancement and Demands in LED technology make the lightning system more aesthetically pleasing and high-performer. We continue to drive innovation and technology to maintain our fame in this sector.

Bring the light and brightness at home to show a praising impact on the indoor environment. And, Feel free to connect with us for installation or queries about our products; we are here to help our prestigious customers.

Linear Profile lighting is the latest trend in the market for sleek accent lighting. There are lot of applications like cove lighting or making a pattern from the light. These have Aluminium profiles with Pc diffusers on the top. We put Led Strip inside for illumination and the diffuser on the top makes sure the light source is not visible, thus a clean light effect is only visible. They come in various shapes and sizes and we manufacture them in India.

Linear Profile Lighting have the following Advantages:

  • They provide superior aesthetical appearance to the interiors
  • Their length design, shape etc are customisable
  • LED linear light is more flexible. Various combinations can be chosen to create your idea and display effect.

The various applications in which these profile lights are used are as follows:

  • Office desk lighting, Showcase lighting
  • Wardrobe & cabinet lighting
  • Step lights
  • Countertop lights in the kitchens
  • Showroom display shelf lighting