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LT-2014 with Collar plus Mesh Top View Flexible Silicon Linear Profile For Strip

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Regular price Rs. 1,044.89
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Flexible Silicon Linear Profile For Strip are empty silicon tubes for fixing led strips. They have an inbuilt diffuser. Thus, they provide uniform lighting and can also be made waterproof.

This is a Special profile with a collar which creates ease of installation for the user and also creates a better light effect.

Top View Profile means the profile can be bent vertically to a greater degree than the side view profile. That is can be used to install the strip in arches or domes in the ceiling.

This a set that comes with a mesh that is used to easily fix the profile. Other accessories like End Cap, Live Cap are available on extra cost.

The prices mentioned are per meter price and customers can order in number of meters they want the profile for their installation. Generally, they are used in a length of 5 meters for 12v strip and 10 meters for 24v strip.

Product Description Details
Beam angle 180°
Compatible strip 12mm any Strip light
Cut out 20mm
Features Top View
Height 16mm
Ip rating IP-67
Meta description LT-2014 with Collar plus Mesh Top View Flexible Silicon Linear Profile For Strip
Meta title LT-2014 with Collar plus Mesh Top View Flexible Silicon Linear Profile For Strip
Model LT-2014 with Collar plus Mesh Top View Flexible Silicon Linear P
Mpn LT-2014 with Collar plus Mesh Top View
Product family JS-LL
Product id 16081
Sku LT-2014 with Collar plus Mesh Top View
Type of item Flexible Silicon Linear Profile For Strip
Width 26mm

How to Order Flexible Silicon Profiles

Order Quantity

  • Determine Total Meters: Decide the total number of meters you require for your project. This will be the quantity (Qty) you need to add to your order.

Shipping and Length

  • Single Length Delivery: Regardless of the ordered quantity, we will ship the Flexible Silicon Profile in one continuous length.
  • Customization on Site: You can easily cut the profile to your desired length at the installation site.

Pricing and Rate

  • Per Meter Pricing: The rate mentioned on our website is per meter of the Flexible Silicon Profile.

Fixing Clips

  • Included with Order: For every meter of profile ordered, we include one fixing clip. This means you do not need to order fixing clips separately.
  • Extra Clips: If you require additional fixing clips, please mention this in the comments section of your order. Our team will contact you regarding the extra cost and arrangement.

End Caps

  • Standard Provision: We provide one set of Live & Dead Ends for every 5 meters of the profile.
  • Additional End Caps: Should you need more than the standard provision, please mention this in the comments section of your order. Our team will get in touch with you for any extra costs and details.



Introduction to Flexible Silicon Profiles


Flexible Silicon Profiles are a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to enhance and diffuse the light emitted by LED strips. These profiles, commonly known as silicon jackets, serve a dual purpose: they act as both a protective cover for LED strips and an efficient light diffuser. This makes them an ideal choice for a variety of lighting projects.

Consider Flexible Silicon Profiles as a bendable, silicon-based alternative to traditional aluminum profiles used in the lighting industry. They offer similar functions and aesthetic appeal, but their flexible nature and waterproof properties open up a realm of additional applications.

Why Choose Flexible Silicon Profiles?

  • Aesthetic Versatility: Their bendable design allows for creative lighting effects such as waves, circles, and more, adding an artistic touch to interiors.
  • Waterproof Quality: Made from silicon, these profiles are inherently waterproof, making them a superior choice for outdoor lighting compared to aluminum profiles.
  • UV Resistance: Silicon offers excellent UV resistance, surpassing materials like PC or PU often used in aluminum profile diffusers. This makes them ideal for exterior installations where UV exposure is a concern.
  • Compatibility with Circular Coves: These profiles can be used in circular coves where aluminum profiles may not be suitable due to their rigidity.
  • Optimal for Narrow Applications: Side bending silicon profiles allow the use of wider strips while achieving a slimmer, diffused light output, ideal for applications requiring a narrow profile.
  • Low Profile Depth: Special silicon profiles with internal diffusers can use LED strips with higher pitch, avoiding dark spots and ensuring proper light diffusion.

Types of Flexible Silicon Profile Lights

  1. Side Bending: Ideal for curved or circular designs, these profiles bend sideways, reflecting light through a top diffuser.
  2. Top View or Vertical Bending: These profiles bend vertically, making them suitable for ceiling domes, arches, and wall-to-ceiling transitions.
  3. Circular 360-Degree Profile: Tube-like with an all-around diffuser, these are used in decorative applications for a complete glow.
  4. Profile with Collar: Top view profiles with a collar for easy installation and enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  5. Black Profile: Available with a black diffuser to suit various installation preferences and design aesthetics.

Purchase Guide

  1. Profile Selection: Choose the profile type based on your application – side bending or top view vertical bending.
  2. Length Planning: Consider the length limits (5m for 12v strips and 10m for 24v strips). Ensure compatibility with the LED strips.
  3. Accessory Check: Verify if compatible fixing clips and end-live caps are included by the vendor.
  4. Power Adapter Planning: Select suitable power adapters based on the profile length and LED strip requirements.

Installation Guide

  • Professional Installation Recommended: Due to the complexity, a professional contractor is advised for installation.
  • Testing before Installation: For recessed profiles, test with a sample before proceeding with the entire length.
  • Quality LED Strips: Use high-quality LED strips with thick copper PCBs for longevity and easier maintenance.
  • Outdoor Installation: Ensure proper sealing of end-live caps with silicon for outdoor applications.

Quality and Warranty

  • Vendor Trust: The quality of silicon used is crucial. Purchase from reliable vendors for assurance of quality.
  • Warranty: As a mechanical item, these profiles typically do not come with a vendor warranty.
  • Lifespan: Expect a high lifespan for indoor use, often exceeding 10 years. Outdoor UV exposure may impact longevity.


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