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UVC germicidal Disinfection lamps and fittings are the Most Effective way to Disinfection all kind of items from all virus and bacteria with 99.9% efficiency including COVID-19. A Lamp with 254 nm Wavelength with best Germicidal Properties is Used. These are used to Disinfect wardrobes, Rooms and make DIY Disinfection Boxes.

UVC Disinfection has following other Advantages over any other form of disinfection.

· No recurring operational cost, you just spend a small amount on electricity usage.

· It is the most Eco-friendly way to disinfect as no harmful chemicals or sanitisers are not used

· Very less effort and time are required to disinfect as you just need to keep the surface under the light and the product is sanitised effectively.

· It is very effective as it kills 99.9% germs on any surface

· It is also effective on other pests like a house fly, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, spiders etc.

· It can disinfect all the products and many of them cannot be disinfected with a liquid disinfectant