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These hanging lights are perfect to be used under porch awnings because they offer an all-around spread of light to the area. Many outdoor hanging lights are made available in coordinating outdoor fixtures such as wall lights or post lights so that to help you achieve a layered look outdoors.

Buy hanging lights online that can be valuable tools to decorate a room, lending a festive sparkle and also permitting you to express your sense of style. There are diverse types of hanging lights and each light are designed for a slightly different purpose. Read about the numerous styles of hanging lights in order to learn which is best suited for your next project!

  • Pendants: In lighting, the word "pendant" expresses to any lighting fixture that is mounted on a chain, stem, cable and wire that hangs down into a space. Besides, a chandelier is also a pendant that is normally used to describe the diverse types of hanging lamps.
  • Bowl Pendants: Utilizes a bowl-shaped diffuser
  • Bell Pendants: Has bell-shaped glass
  • Drum Pendants: Utilize fabric or hardback shade diffuser
  • Mini Pendants: Small and slender hanging lights that are widely used in multiples
  • Linear Pendants: Often used in the kitchen island, these feature multiple light sources on a single canopy

Pendants are highly useful as hanging lights owing to their ability to either direct light down on the surface such as a kitchen table and island, or offering general lighting.