Collection: Purchase & Installation Guide for Silicon Flexible Profiles

Introduction to Flexible Silicon Profiles


Flexible Silicon Profiles are a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to enhance and diffuse the light emitted by LED strips. These profiles, commonly known as silicon jackets, serve a dual purpose: they act as both a protective cover for LED strips and an efficient light diffuser. This makes them an ideal choice for a variety of lighting projects.

Consider Flexible Silicon Profiles as a bendable, silicon-based alternative to traditional aluminum profiles used in the lighting industry. They offer similar functions and aesthetic appeal, but their flexible nature and waterproof properties open up a realm of additional applications.

Why Choose Flexible Silicon Profiles?

  • Aesthetic Versatility: Their bendable design allows for creative lighting effects such as waves, circles, and more, adding an artistic touch to interiors.
  • Waterproof Quality: Made from silicon, these profiles are inherently waterproof, making them a superior choice for outdoor lighting compared to aluminum profiles.
  • UV Resistance: Silicon offers excellent UV resistance, surpassing materials like PC or PU often used in aluminum profile diffusers. This makes them ideal for exterior installations where UV exposure is a concern.
  • Compatibility with Circular Coves: These profiles can be used in circular coves where aluminum profiles may not be suitable due to their rigidity.
  • Optimal for Narrow Applications: Side bending silicon profiles allow the use of wider strips while achieving a slimmer, diffused light output, ideal for applications requiring a narrow profile.
  • Low Profile Depth: Special silicon profiles with internal diffusers can use LED strips with higher pitch, avoiding dark spots and ensuring proper light diffusion.

Types of Flexible Silicon Profile Lights

  1. Side Bending: Ideal for curved or circular designs, these profiles bend sideways, reflecting light through a top diffuser.
  2. Top View or Vertical Bending: These profiles bend vertically, making them suitable for ceiling domes, arches, and wall-to-ceiling transitions.
  3. Circular 360-Degree Profile: Tube-like with an all-around diffuser, these are used in decorative applications for a complete glow.
  4. Profile with Collar: Top view profiles with a collar for easy installation and enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  5. Black Profile: Available with a black diffuser to suit various installation preferences and design aesthetics.

Purchase Guide

  1. Profile Selection: Choose the profile type based on your application – side bending or top view vertical bending.
  2. Length Planning: Consider the length limits (5m for 12v strips and 10m for 24v strips). Ensure compatibility with the LED strips.
  3. Accessory Check: Verify if compatible fixing clips and end-live caps are included by the vendor.
  4. Power Adapter Planning: Select suitable power adapters based on the profile length and LED strip requirements.

Installation Guide

  • Professional Installation Recommended: Due to the complexity, a professional contractor is advised for installation.
  • Testing before Installation: For recessed profiles, test with a sample before proceeding with the entire length.
  • Quality LED Strips: Use high-quality LED strips with thick copper PCBs for longevity and easier maintenance.
  • Outdoor Installation: Ensure proper sealing of end-live caps with silicon for outdoor applications.

Quality and Warranty

  • Vendor Trust: The quality of silicon used is crucial. Purchase from reliable vendors for assurance of quality.
  • Warranty: As a mechanical item, these profiles typically do not come with a vendor warranty.
  • Lifespan: Expect a high lifespan for indoor use, often exceeding 10 years. Outdoor UV exposure may impact longevity.