Collection: Underwater Fountain Nozzle Mounted Light

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Only these lights are visible on our Jainson lights, and they are exclusive to them! They have a variety of collections to enhance the fountain lights in stainless steel fixtures and arm brackets that will fit on most of the fountain lights we offer. When buying these lights, consider that we created our three light sets with the help of our What would be the best way to do it. The 4 light sets are suitable for any Scott fountain, but will not be compatible with our What is the best way to do it. Each lighting kit has brackets and hardware. These LED Fountain lights are much more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan than the light produced by light. Our LED light sets do not have to be submerged to stay cool, resulting in a much brighter display and less maintenance.

Our Jainson lights kit is more cost-effective, bright, has stainless steel fixtures, and will be compatible with almost have wide range of fountain lights we offer. There are also options available for changing colors or white lights. The white lights can be made up of more bright or warmy method white colors, while our color changing lights are similar to the 9 watt and 24 watt options, providing a range of colors! In contrast to all others, order yours today and Discover Our Range of Stylish with Fountain lights is the most notable feature!

The underwater Fountain Nozzle light is fitted on the water nozzle of the fountain. The light has a hole in the centre and Leds are fitted around it. This helps illuminate the water stream that is coming out of the fountain nozzles. The light is Ip68 grade waterproof and works on constant voltage 12/24v dc input for safety reasons and better product life. The light is made of Stainless steel grade 316, so that is not affected or damaged by the water.