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UVC disinfection Bags are the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to disinfect any items. They use branded Philips 11w UVC germicidal lamp. They are fitted with a 1.7-meter cord switch for easy operation. We have use high-quality reflective sheet inside for 360° disinfection of 254 nm with highest germicidal properties and an Indian made fitting with 1-year Warranty. We have given a special Peephole for you to safety check if the disinfection is in process or not. You can also disinfect items which you cannot with a liquid disinfectant like food items, jewellery, wallets, keys, electronics items, paper/books, and currency.

During the pandemic situation, people desire to be safe at their houses therefore need to make a tremendous effort in sterilizing the equipment that is going to be useful in daily use. The evolution of the UVC disinfection bags has made the disinfecting of all things possible at home. The technique behind UVC sterilization science was used in NASA aerospace to sterilize water for the astronauts who are working hard on the space station or some sort of medical treatment equipment.

The wavelength of the UV light is quite shorter than any material can bear. Therefore, it is needed the select the ceramic base that is enhanced with gold and natural quartz. In concern to working technique UV disinfection bag in India, just five-minute sterilization is equal to 6 hours of daylight that is found to be quite effective in fighting against 99% of bacteria that is surviving on the leftover residues. Amongst all suppliers, Jainsons offers a one-button operation that takes 5 minutes to clean all of the stuff and make it infection-free. This amazing technology changes our lives and makes us feel healthier. This is the right time to take it away in a portable design that can be carried away to any place one desires for.