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UVC Tube Fittings for Disinfection. It is the Most Effective Way to Disinfection of all kind of items from all virus and bacteria. Branded UCV Germicidal Philips Lamp with 254 nm Wavelength with best Germicidal Properties is Used. Disinfect wardrobes, Rooms and make DIY Disinfection Boxes.

Everyone desires to keep their house and loved ones safe and sound. So, they end up bringing something that matches the safety guidelines and even provides supreme performance with the use of safer disinfection technology that comes along with UV-C disinfection tube fitting. Jainson promises to offer millennial successful technology that has been introduced after the number of researches initiated to kill the germs. This technology is specialized to serve the commercial purpose of disinfecting the unit to pave the path of superior performance and result into disinfection from all sorts of bacteria and viruses present on the things.

Jainsons being a renowned UVC disinfection tube supplier provides a double-ended UVC lamp that can be used as professional water and air disinfecting unit. The tube is featured with a lamp offering a constant UVC of 254nm output that renders a complete lifetime by maximizing the level of security of disinfection and high system efficacy. Moreover, it allows the maintenance to be planned before time with the help of the external indicator that provides the idea of the functionality and life of UV-C LEDs which comprises of simple troubleshoot indicators. The system is even provided with the data logging available for 7 years to provide guaranteed results.