Collection: Customized Lighting Order Terms

Thank you for choosing Jainsons Lights to illuminate your space with our bespoke lighting solutions! We are thrilled to assist you in bringing your unique vision to life through our customized lights.

In our pursuit to craft the perfect lighting piece tailored to your specifications, we commit ourselves to uphold quality and precision at every stage of the production process. To achieve this, we collaborate with various factories, artisans, and suppliers, each playing a crucial role in the creation of your custom light.

Navigating Unpredictable Variables: While we strive to meet all deadlines and deliver your custom order in a timely manner, the customized nature of each piece does involve multiple stages of careful production and coordination with diverse entities. At times, unforeseen challenges such as material shortages, design alterations, or unexpected delays from our partner factories might influence our timelines.

Keeping You Informed: We believe in maintaining transparent communication throughout the journey of creating your piece:

  • Our team will keep you updated regarding the progress of your order at various stages.
  • In the event of any delays or alterations, we will promptly communicate the same, ensuring you are always in the loop.

Flexible Timeframes: To safeguard your experience and expectations, we encourage you to consider a flexible timeframe for your custom lighting order:

  • While we provide an estimated delivery date, considering a grace period for any potential unforeseen delays would be prudent.
  • If your project is time-sensitive, we advise placing your order well in advance to accommodate any unexpected variations in the production timeline.

Ensuring Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we deeply appreciate your understanding and patience during the creation of your bespoke lighting piece:

  • Our team is at your disposal to discuss any queries or adjustments you may wish to make at various stages of production.
  • In the event of a delay, we are committed to working closely with you to navigate through the situation and explore suitable solutions.

Next Steps:

  • A dedicated account manager will be assigned to manage and update you regarding your order.
  • You’ll receive periodic updates, images, and potential samples (if applicable), ensuring that the final product is meticulously aligned with your expectations.

In trusting us with your custom lighting needs, you are not just a customer but a valued partner in the creation of a piece that is uniquely yours. We appreciate your understanding, trust, and patience as we navigate through the intricate process of bringing your custom lighting to life.

Thank you for your collaboration, and here’s to creating illuminating experiences together!

Warm regards