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30w Cob Track Light 6007 Black body

Rs. 1,525.22 - Rs. 2,241.94
Tax included.
Warranty: 5Yrs
Led Colour: Warm White (3k)
Regular price Rs. 2,241.94
Regular price Rs. 2,010.15 Sale price Rs. 2,241.94

Regular price Rs. 2,241.94
Regular price Rs. 2,010.15 Sale price Rs. 2,241.94

Cob Led Track lights are flexible system in which they are installed on track channels that have running electricity throughout the track channel. The user can install the track light anywhere. The light can be rotated, 360 degrees and can focus in any direction. They use Cob single source of the light chip with a small area from where the light comes thus the light can be focused by the use of optics like reflectors and lenses. This particular model has the following features.

  • Made in India
  • up to 5 Years warranty with life over 50k hours.
  • Post-warranty repair service.
  • High-Quality part like Branded reflector, Led & driver used for Best Output and Life.
  • Available in any led colour 3k, 4k, 6k or any other
  • Various beam range option 25/40/60 degree
  • Wattages available in the same model 6w, 10w, 15w, 25w, 30w,
Product Description Details
Body colour Black
Led colour options White (6k)/Warm White (3k)/Neutral White (4k)
Meta title 30w Cob Track Light 6007 Black body
Model 6007-3-Bk-30w
Packaging dimensions lxwxh L-38.1 x W-30.48 x H-38.1cm
Packed box weight 4kg
Product id 1335
Warranty 1/2/3/5 Years
Wattage 30w
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