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Philips 30w UVC Disinfection Tube Fitting 3 Feet

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Regular price Rs. 2,500.00
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Order now the cheapest and best way to disinfect and safeguard against COVID-19.

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Phillips UVC Light for Disinfection of 30w power and 3 feet length with Philips Ballast and, 1-year warranty, it is the Most Effective Way to Disinfection of all kind of items from all virus and bacteria. Branded UCV Germicidal Philips Lamp with 254 nm Wavelength with best Germicidal Properties is Used. Disinfect wardrobes, Rooms and make DIY Disinfection Boxes. HPL Fitting is used with 1 Year guarantee

Effective in disinfection of all kind of items from COVID-19 and other virus and bacteria.

An easiest and most effective way to disinfect the following

· Vegetable, Fruits

· Breads, other bakery products, packed food, take away cooked food.

· Currency, wallets, purses

· Mobile, laptop, tablets, camera and other electronic items

· Car keys, and other keys

· Googles, spectacles, watches, rings, bracelets and other jewellery

· Office papers, books, newspaper, magazines etc ,

Especially very useful to disinfect for the items that cannot be washed or disinfected with chemical or alcohol based disinfectants.

Suitable for installation in a carton, DIY disinfection box, closets, shoe cabinets, toilet, cupboard, etc


Brand: Philips Ballast & lamps also Philips made in Poland, fitting made in India by Jainsons Lights

Type: UV Sterilization Lamp

Model Number: 30w T-8 – 3 feet

Power Requirement: 240v AC

Power Source: AC

Power Output: 30W

warranty – One year on the fitting, the tube comes under consumables

The direction of use- Remove the plastic diffuser from the top for the best effect, plug in the power and expose the material/space/surroundings to be disinfected

Precaution of use – Germicidal UVC lamp emits radiation harmful to skin and eyes. use in an empty room only . or used in a closed box. Do not expose your skin or eyes to the light emitted from the lamp

Product Description Details
Meta description Philips 30w UVC Disinfection Tube Fitting 3 Feet
Meta title Philips 30w UVC Disinfection Tube Fitting 3 Feet
Model UVC 30w t-8 3 feet
Mpn UVC 30w t-8 3 feet
Packaging dimensions lxwxh L-100 x W-3 x H-6.5cm
Packed box weight 1kg
Product id 539
Sku UVC 30w t-8 3 feet
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