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Philips Deco Mini 0.5w Led lamp

Regular price Rs. 39.98
Regular price Rs. 39.98 Sale price Rs. 39.98
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Led Colour: White (6k)

Regular price Rs. 39.98
Regular price Rs. 39.98 Sale price Rs. 39.98

About the Product

LED light bulbs help you transform your living space with beautiful and warm lights. It offers numerous lighting possibilities and helps in saving up to 90% of energy consumption. The instant brightness of the light is able to create a comfortable environment in your home. LED bulbs help to emit cooler and more energising light. To enjoy a perfect light quality and no warm-up time, you should buy LED bulbs. Use the revolutionary Philips T-bulb for a wider light spread and aesthetic pleasure. Use the 0.5W LED Lamps as night-lamp, in the pooja room or for other decorative purposes.

Product Code: Red- 929000253113 , Green- 929000253213 , Blue- 929000253313 , yellow- 929000253453 , Orange- 929000253513 , Pink- 929000253653 , White- 929000262053
Product Description Details
Holder type B-22
Led colour options White (6k)/Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/Pink/Orange/Pink
Led colour temperature Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Pink, Yellow
Meta title Philips Deco Mini 0.5w Led lamp
Model Philips Deco Mini 0.5w Led lamp
Mrp 70
Product id 5394
Type of item Led Decoration Lamp
Wattage 0.5w
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