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Syska LED Hammer Bulb 35w

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Regular price Rs. 636.09
Regular price Sale price Rs. 636.09

Super-efficient and energy saving LED Bulb;a perfect retrofit solution for high CFL lamps. Best for high power industrial;retail and household lighting solutions. LEDs are the new and better alternatives to incandescent and CFL bulbs. CFL bulbs contain mercury;which are very harmful to you and the environment. If these break;they can emit harmful chemicals. Whereas LEDs do not contain mercury;hence they are way safer and cooler. Compared to CFLs they re long lasting and give out highest brightness with less wattage. Syska is synonymous with LED lighting in India! Syska pioneers in LED lighting innovations and constantly strives to give you the most advanced technology in LED. It aims to develop products that save maximum energy;consume least power and provide optimum output. Product Code: SSK-HAB-3501

Product Description Details
Holder type B-22
Led colour options White (6k)
Meta title Syska LED Hammer Bulb 35w
Model Syska LED Hammer Bulb 35w
Mrp 899
Product id 2791
Warranty 2 Years
Wattage 35w
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