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Nowadays, the biggest issue that has made everyone worried because of the pandemic situation caused due to COVID-19. During this period people desire to live safe and infection-free. Therefore, it is needed that every section of the house is properly sanitized. So, everyone prefers a knapsack sprayer in Delhi that helps to spray the sanitizer to disinfect the entire space of the house. Jainsons for the safety of the customers have come up with the simplest automatic sanitizer spray machine for home. This instrument comes in the supreme quality range that is easily available online and offline.

This is an electric sanitizer spray machine for the home that is ISI marked and integrated with standard parts. This sprayer is available with sided hand operation and comes along with an attractive tank design. The sprayer has a brass pressure chamber that helps in spraying the sanitizer in the form of continuous mist spray. The sprayer is provided with a comfortable and adjustable cotton belt that helps one to carry it in the arms. This product is featured with easy maintenance, long service life, and abrasion resistance which makes it reliable for all customers. Browse here, all required sanitizer spray machines in Delhi at the best price.