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Floor lamps are tall fixtures available with a weighted base that are basically designed to sit on the floor as well as offer light higher within a room. A staple of interior home decor, an elegant floor lamp provides a functional way in order to light your space without the need for overhead lighting. Also known as standing lamps, these premium quality home lighting options can impact the aura and mood of a room through the type of lamp selected such as its materials, positioning, and also the light bulbs used.

Some floor lamps are basically designed to light a small area, while others can light a room from diverse angles and even include the storage options. Within each category, there are diverse ranges of styles that can suit different designs. Buy Floor lamps online Delhi that can either be used as the stand-alone lighting solution in order to focus on a particular spot in the room and with other lights that is in the same family.

Offer great flexibility for lighting rooms, they seamlessly provide all three layers of lighting. Besides, these lamps are portable in nature. These lamps include Eliante Quiera Gold Iron Hanging Light - E27 holder - without Bulb - JS-1329-HL, Eliante Terenme Gold Iron Hanging Light - E27 holder - without Bulb - JS-1328-HL, Eliante Brando Gold Iron Hanging Light - E27 holder - without Bulb - JS-1327-HL, etc.

A lamp featuring a dimmer switch and is well-equipped with dimmer bulbs that add to the torchiere's versatility, enables you soften and turn up the light as needed. Since these lamps are made available in many different styles that are ranging from traditional to modern, you can find one that fits into any of the design and budget. Floor lamp is basically used in dining hall and living room. It looks pretty in the evening.